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This shrine is a collaboration of clay by Andrea Revoy and myself.  As the never ending winter of 2018 ravages the hearts, minds, bodies and shovels of Canadians, they cry out…”Where is Spring? When will it be Spring? I am so tired of winter!” Spring; a talisman in our minds of sun, new life, fresh green, and no snow! But, in her tree, hidden, protected and cozy waits the Goddess of Spring. She takes her own damn time, waiting for the perfect position of the sun and the appropriate number of offerings to her whims. She is changeable, and bad ass- at one moment sun and flowers and next storms, rain, and mud. She is a centre of fertility and growth of new life. We all contain some reflection of the goddess within ourselves. All wet felted- wool is hand dyed merino with some silk and cross-breed local wool for the bark. The clay was formed by Andrea Revoy and the untameable, crazy black hair is Wensleydale locks.You can read all about it on the blog. Dimensions are:  35 cm high, 26 cm wide, 18 cm deep and when open 70 cm across

Shrine to the Goddess of Spring

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