Materials are included.  Beginners welcome.

Sunday May 29, 2022 - 10-3  (short break for lunch)

$95 (includes materials)

Hosted at Art Space- 112 Northwest Blvd, across from the Visitor Centre in Creston

Instructor: Carmen Ditzler


Felt Exploration and Play

Wet felting turns combed wool into solid fabric.  Using hands, water, soap, and friction there are infinite possibilities. We will learn how wool and silk meld together to make a strong fabric- felt.  Learn about properties of wool that felts and how we can add other fibres and fabrics.  How to make a three-dimensional object in felt or it can be flat!  Play with colours and textures.   

The goal is to explore and play without a pre-conceived idea of what you are making.  Depending upon what decisions you make you will end up with a cowl or a small bag or a wall piece or a unique piece of material to stitch further.


Register online at  (you can pay with paypal)

or email or phone 250-254-4234


Cancellation policy:   Up to one week in advance you will recieve a full refund.  After that point you will receive a full refund  less $30.   This includes cancellation for symptoms of Covid-19.   

Wet Felt Exploration and Play

  • You need to bring;

    Three old bath towels

    One old tea towel

    Bucket (2L)

    Two strips of stretchy fabric- cut off an old t-shirt or pantyhose (12-24 inches)

    Bar of natural, unscented soap (ie. Olive oil)

    Comfy shoes

    Pen and notebook

    Sharp scissors

    Camera or phone (optional)