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 pieces of fluff turned into strong warm fabric

I take wool from sheep that has been sheared, washed, combed and sometimes dyed and make it into a strong, warm, flexible fabric,  I add other fabric like cotton, wool and silk and other fibres like silk, bamboo, and combine it all together.  Wool roving is layed out in shingles, wet with warm soapy water and massaged and rolled.  Other fabrics and fibres can be added to change the colour, texture and design.  The wool fibres have scales that open and link and hold together- pre-felt.  The whole piece is then tossed, rolled, rubbed and shrinks to form a whole piece.    This process is endlessly fascinating to me as it defies predictabliliy.  I never know what the exact result will be and how the layers of colour and fabrics link and meld together.   Stitching, textures, resists, beads, sticks, stones....  I become an alchemist and combine the parts to become something more.   There are endless possibilities, infininte combinations and techniques and a lifetime of wonder.   Wool is an earth friendly renewable material.

The making of....

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 How to use a shroud:

What is a shroud?  How would I use it? 

These blankets or coverings are intended to be used both before and after death.  Before death it is a beautiful piece of art to enjoy as a blanket, wrap or wall art and can also start conversations about dying and death.  After death it can be used to cover the body for burial or cremation.  It can also be used to carry the body to be composted.  It is 100%  renewable, and biodegradeable and will return to the earth along with you.  

Commissions and Custom Orders:

.My process is very fluid and changeable, thus I do not take commissions but some pieces have areas where I can include personal photos supplied by (you or the family)   Some blankets also have areas where a favourite poem can be included or a pocket to hold a favourite item or letter.  (restrictions for green burial would apply)

 I would love to add something special- please contact me. 

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