July 27, 2020

Yay Margaret!!!  First done Clue #4. 

July 22, 2020

Are you in the swing of the pattern?  I hope so!  I am loving seeing the way the colour combinations are turning out.  

July 14, 2020

Are you loving your colours?  If you don't....change them!!  Anytime.  

Some speedy knitters are done and waiting for Clue #3.  

 Honeycomb stitch  (apparently not everyone calls it this!)  It opens up when it's blocked.  


July 8, 2020

Spoiler Alert!!!

 This is my colour combo and you can see some of the broken garter ridges near the top.  They look like stairs of flat sections.  If yours doesn't look like this....just keep knitting it will be fabulous!!  

There are all kinds of col...

September 20, 2018

In answering the call to artists from Felt:Feutre Canada I collaborated with Andrea Revoy of Blue Moon Pottery and Fibre Studio.  Andrea is primarily a potter who dyes fibres, spins and plays felting with me.  I am a felter who dyes, knits and used to play with clay....

March 7, 2017

A group of artists was invited by Gary Deatherage and Alison Masters to an Art Challenge called the Box Project.  We each randomly chose a box with some random things in it.  Including a DVD and a secret message.  There were also some larger objects at the front of the...

April 15, 2016

Handmade Felt or Wet Felting?  What is that and why would you want to try it?  It is not the primary coloured rectangle sheets that you buy at the dollar store but a warm, flexible and light fabric that has endless practical and artistic potential.  You don’t need larg...