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Why try wet felting?

Handmade felt? Wet felting? What is that and why would I want to try it?

It is not the primary coloured rectangle sheets that you buy at the dollar store, or used for crafts in school, but a warm, flexible and light fabric that has endless practical and artistic potential.

You don’t need large equipment and complicated formulas. Basic materials such as wool roving (combed wool) soap, bubble wrap and a work surface are all you need to get started.

Making a flat piece of fabric from wool, water, soap and hands can explode into exponential possibilities and wonder. You can mix colours, add fabrics like silk and cotton make scarves, rugs, coasters, pictures, wall hangings, window coverings and table runners. Then you can start into three dimensional objects like bags and hats and coats and slippers and sculptures and even as big as a yurt or Mongolian Ger. Stitching, dye, folding and cutting create infinite numbers of textures and patterns all from a very simple material.


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