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Cocoons as Gifts- Pop up Art Show,

July 29 and 30th, 2022, Japanese Garden, Creston, BC

In late 2019 I saw the documentary Gift and read the book by Lewis Hyde where the idea of art as gift rather than economic exchange is explored.

* I am inspired to make objects from wool (using a wet felting process) that imitate natural objects.

* In this project I focused on the inspiration of insect cocoons. Cocoons are intricate, take time and are made by the insect to incubate a new version of itself and then the cocoon is "given away" during hatching. I made this grant proposal in February 2020 and now reflect on how soon afterward we were forced to make our own cocoons in the Covid-19 lockdown in March.

*Who were we when we went in?

Some of us are now in the process of coming out of those cocoons as individuals and society-

*Who are we now?

There are twenty cocoons ranging in size from 2 inches across to 24 inches. These are “hidden” within the garden for you to spot! (Please leave them in place until Saturday July 30)

There is also a “person” size cocoon for you to explore and try on if you like.

The attached notebook is for you to write your reactions to the experience.

Email with photos and comments


Project funded by:

Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance

Thank you.

Photos of some of the cocoons where they were created in the magical forest. Check back for photos from the pop up show in the Japanese Garden and submissions from the public who have gifted, re-homed or hidden the cocoons in new homes.


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