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MKAL Clue #1

Spoiler Alert!!!

This is my colour combo and you can see some of the broken garter ridges near the top. They look like stairs of flat sections. If yours doesn't look like this....just keep knitting it will be fabulous!!

There are all kinds of colour combo's coming in!!! For anyone worried about "bugging" me- DON"T!! I want you to ask me questions. That's how the pattern will be able to change to be super clear. Also a couple of clarifications on the instructions. In the section on Broken Garter Ridges there was some confusion about that 27 stitches! MC RS row- move marker 7 stitches to the left. Place a second marker counting in 27 st from left edge. Knit Row 1 as usual. And then rather than saying Knit rows A and B to clarify it should say Complete Rows A and B.

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