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Cocoons on Adventures

I had a great time hiding the cocoons in the Japanese Garden. Some were easy to spot, others were harder or higher!

Human size cocoon. Made with wool- partially felted then resist dyed with indigo and stitched. One panel was dyed with tea, then rust water, then indigo (creating the grey background)

When we entered the lock down in March 2020 we all entered cocoons. As we emerge- how are we different, changed, transformed?

Friday night the human size cocoon was there to try on There were a bunch of ways to do it!

Each cocoon had a small note.

For you! You’ve found a piece of wet felt sculpture (wool). I hope it reminds you of insect cocoons. Cocoons are intricate, take time and are made by the insect to incubate a new version of itself and then the cocoon is "given away" during hatching. This cocoon is a gift to you. You can put it back, take it home, give it to someone else or hide it somewhere new (with this note) I would love it if you sent me a note or a photo by email:

Project funded by:

Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance

Here are some of the comments and photos so far. Thank you so much to those of you who participated!

Some of your notes:

"On our way home to Saskatchewan we wandered through the park and found your lovely cocoon and it’s story. We hid it in a new spot for someone to find!

Thank you for your art! It’s beautiful."

"Thank you for the cocoon and the adventure finding it."

"This was fun. My sister got one and Amanda didn't have time to get one so I picked her out the burgundy purplish one for her to take to Kenya."

"Thank you. It was fun! The caterpillar was made by my sister, a nice addition."

"This show is a must-see - luscious colours, a pod-finding quest, and the perfect occupation for some time in the park. We spent a good 45 minutes hunting for all this lusciousness this morning (love it that the park was open at 5:30 am!)...get there!!"

"Came across your work while driving back home on Saturday - took one piece home to brighten up our home and a second one to hide anew in Calgary."

Some young friends of mine are hosting the cocoon. They are having so much fun! The cocoon is living it's best life!

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