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The Box Project 2017

A group of artists was invited by Gary Deatherage and Alison Masters to an Art Challenge called the Box Project. We each randomly chose a box with some random things in it. Including a DVD and a secret message. There were also some larger objects at the front of the room that we could choose from. Such as a funky vintage sewing machine.

I was initially discouraged by all the junk plastic in the boxes, but liked how the sewing machine looked. As the ideas rummaged around I became inspired by the potato, a broken plant pot and the quote in my box. "Put a beat in every thing."

I took failed projects, scraps, and small samples and re-dyed, cut up, rearranged them. I have lots of strange creatures that I have made and made some more. Felted some felt milifori beads, some multicoloured cracks, some of the failed creatures went into the underside. I included some blue pods that I think of as rain drops. One side of the sewing machine is chaotic, rough, unformed, browinsh-

the other side is colourful, chaotic, more formed and smoother.

The underneath where one becomes the other is where the failed creatures are and colour melds into brown roughness.

I made a crazy orange and red and yellow sun and plugged the sewing machine into it. The sun was suspended from a lamp stand and the whole thing was set up on an antique ironing board.

One of the coolest parts was that visitors to the show touched and rearranged some of the creatures and parts!!! Success!

The well used sewing machine became the focus of the piece and symbolized

the rhythm of:

  • sewing

  • felting

  • life- breathing and heart beating, walking

  • seasons

  • making something from something else

  • death and rebirth

  • rotting and growing, seeding

Powered by the sun. Sew and Sow and So

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