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Intro to Wet Felting-  Make a plain, flat, piece of felt to use as a background for needle felting, for embroidery or stitching or as a first lesson into the infinite world of handmade felt!

Makes two 8” x 12” pieces of plain felt suitable for needle felting, embellishing, embroidery or stitching.   Your choice of colour.  It is easier to use two colours for your first attempt.    

Contains: Instructions only.

“These are the absolute best and easiest instructions that I have ever followed.  Very clear and easy to understand.  Step by step and I didn’t feel “lost” at all during the whole process!  Thanks!”  Michelle (never felted before)

Intro To Wet Felt - Instructions only

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  • You need: 

    • merino wool roving- minimum of 60 g total.  It is helpful for at least 20 g to be a different colour.   (Make sure it is not superwash)
    • bubble wrap- small bubbles- 24” x 30 “ minimum
    • foam roller or dowel- this can be a piece of foam insulation for plumbing pipe or a dowel or whatever you can find in the garage or hardware store.  Approx. 24” long. 1-2” diameter.

    · Old towel without much pile left, or a tea towel or piece of old sheet. 

    · Extra towel or sponge for sopping up water.

    · Mild dish soap

    · Water bottle- with a drink cap or holes in the lid.

    · Warm water

    · 2-4 L bucket or bowl

    • template- use a piece of dark plastic garbage bag and cut a rectangle 17” x 11” and then a notch at 12” x 8” (to check final size)
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