An introduction to wet felting- Make your own wet felt backgrounds.  Makes two 8” x 12” pieces of plain felt suitable for needle felting, embellishing, embroidery or stitching.

Piece #1 is yellow with white, piece #2 all white.

Contains: Instructions, merino wool roving, bubble wrap, foam roller and template.

You need: Old towel without much pile left, or a tea towel or piece of old sheet. Extra towel or sponge for sopping up water. Mild dish soap, Water bottle- with a drink cap or holes in the lid. Warm water, 2-4 L bucket or bowl.  Price includes shipping within Canada.  (other locations send me an email for a quote)

Wet Felting Kit

  • l“These are the absolute best and easiest instructions that I have ever followed. Very clear and easy to understand. Step by step and I didn’t feel “lost” at all during the whole process! Thanks!” Michelle (never felted before)




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